Viticulture Luís Cardoso Meneses
This wine is a recreation of the ancient blend that was produced and drunk by the family for several decades. It ́s produced with four of the best grape varieties in the region. Alvarinho, Arinto, Fernão Pires and Loureiro. The bird depicted on the label is from and old portuguese tile.
The grape variety Alvarinho cames from the Casa do Capitão-Mor (Quinta da Boavista), Mazedo, Monção. Here the soil has a granitic origin, calcareous-alkaline, covered with rolled pebbles, 900m from the river Minho, a mainly plain soil with an average altitude of 60 m.
The others grape varieties came from the estates of Quinta da Cotovia, Quinta de Vila Meã and Quinta de Paços,all in Barcelos. These soils are mainly granitic and partially with schist is Quinta de Vila Meã. The training systems are the ascending simple row at 1,0 mt high. The grape production adopts EU certified environmentally friendly practices of "Integrated Protection".

Oenology Rui Cunha
The winemaking is made in two wine cellars: Alvarinho in Monção and the others in Barcelos. The grapes are hand harvested, destemmed, and part of them are submitted to pellicular maceration for five hour, with temperature control. After being decanted the must is fermented in stainless steel at low temperature and the wine stays on top of the slim lees with "batonnage" until bottling.

Phisical-chemical Features
Alchool: 12,6%
Acidity: 6,0g/l
Sugar: 1,6 g/l;
pH: 3,24
EAN Code: 560 6681 11700 3
Weight of 6 bottles box: 7,88 kg
Dimensions: 330x232x154 mm


Harvest 2015
Wine Advocate by Mark Squires – 88 points

Gold Medal

Harvest 2015
Harvest 2011
SINVE (Spanish International Wine & Spirits Contest)

Silver Medal

Harvest 2015
Selection Degustation Magazine
Harvest 2013
Escanção (Sommelier Portuguese Association, "Escanção" Magazine) 85 points

Bronze Medal

Harvest 2015
IWC (International Wine Challenge)
Harvest 2010
Wine Passion 16,5/20
Colour: clean, citrus yellow colour. Aroma: Noticeable notes of citrus fruit, white pulp fruit, ripe tropical fruit, elegance nuances of orange blossom. Flavour: Nice body and volume, correct acidity, fruity, pineapple and citrus fruit standing out, persistent finish.

Eng. Beatriz Machado - Wine Director at the Yeatman Hotel (5/Jul/2011)
The Portuguese tradition in a Minho's wine. A blend of Alvarinho, Arinto, Loureiro and Fernão Pires. Four grapes that reveal themselves in an intense floral profile, with hints of citreous fruits, balanced by the duet acidity/sweetness with a long lasting finish in the mouth.

Rui Cunha Oenologist: Colour: Bright and Citrus
Aroma: Excellent intensity and complexity, suggesting citreous fruits (lemon and grapefruit), and nuances of ripped tropical fruits (pineapple and mango). Slight mineral touch.
Taste: Dry, fine and balanced acidity adding an excellent freshness to the wine. In the mouth it ́s creamy, fine rapped pineapple and a long lasting finish in the mouth.
Consumption: must be drunk at 10oC
Aging Potential: 2 to 3 years
Os Vinhos Blog: "Bright citrus color and a nose pleasantly filled with citrus aromas nicely combined with various tropical fruits and a light mineral sensation in the mouth. A wine that reveals a nice acidity, great freshness and savory taste, which highlights its lemonade and mineral component. The finnish is relatively long and persistent".