The family owner of Quinta de Paços has been producing wine here since the sixteenth century and for sixteen generations. in 1876 the wines were already awarded in the USA, Philadelfia.The wine cellar is located next to the vines in the Quinta de Paços, in the parish of Rio Côvo, Sta Eulália, Portugal.

Viticulture - Luís Cardoso Meneses, Eng.
This single grape variety wine made from Loureiro proceeds from the Quinta de Paços vines. The soil is granitic with a medium grain, rich in quartz at an average altitude 70m in a flat terrace facing south. The vineyard has 3ha and was planted in a simple ascending row at 1m. within The grape production adopts the "Integrated Protection" (environmentally friendly practices of the EU)

Oenology - Rui Walter Cunha, Eng.
This unique wine, a Vinho Verde "nouveau" or "primeur", is bottled immediately after fermentation -stopped near the end to keep the natural sugar of the must. We aim to preserve the purest of the aromas and the minerality of the wine. It was bottled in the 12.11.2015, being the first Vinho Verde to be launched in the market. This wine is made to measure for the Japanese market by request of Mercado Portugal Inc.
Aromas and Flavours: Floral (i.e. rose petals) and intense mineral, vegetal and fresh fruit (apple and tropical fruits) flavours.
Consume with fish, seafood, Sushi, sashimi.
The grapes are destemmed and part of them is submitted to pelicular maceration while the other part is immediately pressed, both with temperature control. No artificial gas has been added.

Physical-chemistry features
Alchool: 11,8%
Acidity: 5,6g/l
Sugar: 14,7 g/l;
pH: 3,33


Silver Medal

2015 harvest
Concours Mondial des Vins Féminalise

"Citrine color, very fruity, soft, with good white fruit, elegant and fresh" (Portuguese wine Sommelier association, Escanção Magazine, Feb. 2016)