More than 500 years



Quinta de Paços

Quinta de Paços it probably owes its name to an old palace (lat. palatiu) from the time when the parish of Stª Eulália de Rio Côvo was a Roman spa.

The Quinta de Paços has remained a property of the same family for more than 500 years and, at least 16 generations, maintaining a wine making tradition in the region of Minho lasting for more than 5 centuries. Received its first international award in 1876 (USA).

Casa do Capitão-mor

In the parish of Mazedo, municipality of Monção, dates to the XIVth century, the remotest reference to the Majorat of Boavista. The fact that in 1640 it became a property of Francisco Soares de Castro, the high-commander (Capitão-Mor) of Monção, accounts for the name Casa do Capitão-Mor, by which it would become known until nowadays.

This property is also the holder of the oldest award in the sub-region, obtained as early as 1888 in Berlin, Germany.