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Privacy Policy

Quinta de Paços Sociedade Agrícola, Lda, (Quinta de Paços) guarantees and safeguards the personal data of the users of its website. In the processing of personal data collected during your visit, are fully complied the rules of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which entered into force on 25 May 2018, scrupulously complying with the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data.

The collected data are only for internal treatment of information and with the aim of providing the announced products/services, as well as the continuous evolution of the quality and excellence of our products/services provision. At no time or in any circumstance will the data provided by you be delivered to third-parties. However, Quinta de Paços may share the data with public authorities without the knowledge of the holders in compliance with legal or judicial obligations. The visit to our website does not of itself imply the collection of personal data. Though, there is a set of computer data that is collected automatically in each access, as best described in this text. There are, however, several areas of the website that require personal data from the user to be accessible, as well as some services that need this information in order for them to be provided. The request for collection of this data is always made in a clear and unambiguous way.

We present below the description of the type of data we collect, the treatment to which they are subject and also the utility they represent for the products/services we provide. At the end of the text you can also check your rights regarding information, correction and deletion of data.

1. Internet access data
With the access to our website, a set of computer data can be collected automatically, which are recorded temporarily in own files and are also automatically deleted after a certain period of time. The collection of these data has purely technical and statistical objectives, such as connection configuration, system security, network technical management and our website optimization. The referred data are the following:
a) IP address of requesting processor;
b) Date and time of access;
c) Name and URL of the downloaded file;
d) Volume of transmitted data;
e) Browser and operating system identification data;
f) Website from which you accessed our website;
g) Internet Service Provider Name.

2. Consent to use of personal data
The use of some of the services of our website presupposes the provision of personal data and a more substantial treatment of them. A Quinta de Paços will only use this data when they are supplied by its holders, only for the purposes that have been provided and always with the consent of its holders, which will be given with the act of its delivery. We now concretize the aforesaid services and the type of data processing carried out.

2.1 Contact form
If you wish to contact Quinta de Paços directly through the website, you must complete the form provided for this purpose. You’ll be asked for some personal data (name, phone and email address). The collection of this data only aims to make possible to answer your contact with the minimum of personalization, and isn’t used for any other purpose. It’s also possible to contact Quinta de Paços directly through other ways available in the link “Contacts”.

3. Security
Quinta de Paços has invested in technical and organizational security measures to protect personal data collected against inadvertent or intentional manipulation, loss or destruction and against access by unauthorized persons. Your personal data is stored on secure networks, encrypted files that can only be accessed by a limited number of people who have special access rights and undertake to respect and maintain the confidential nature of such information. Notwithstanding these measures, when you provide personal data on the Internet, there is always a risk that they may be intercepted and used by third-parties beyond the control of Quinta de Paços. While we make every effort to protect your personal data and your privacy, we cannot guarantee the security of the information you make available through the Internet.

4. Cookies
A cookie is a single text file that a website sends to your Internet browser. Our website may use cookies to personalize the information presented to you. This data does not contain personal references, being automatically deleted when you close your browser. Please note that most browsers are programmed to accept cookies by default. If you wish to consult our website without using cookies, you must change the appropriate setting in your browser options. However, if you set your browser to reject all cookies, this may limit the use of some features of our website.

5. Links to external sites
Our Privacy and Data Protection Policy applies exclusively to our website. However, Quinta de Paços website may contain links to partner websites. The connection to those websites always presupposes a click of the user in the respective link, never being an automatic connection. It's absolutely impossible for Quinta de Paços to ensure that the practices of those entities regarding data protection are in accordance with the law and our ethical demands. Thus, Quinta de Paços cannot be held responsible for the content or privacy policy of other external websites, and it is solely the responsibility of its owners any damage or illegal situation that the query of such websites may cause.

6. Right to verify, correct and delete data
Quinta de Paços has established a maximum term of conservation of your personal data of 10 years and after this period we will contact you to confirm that you want to keep your data in our database. In accordance with the national and community legislation currently in force, we fully recognize your right at any time to verify any data relating to yourself, as well as the right to require correction or deletion and also the right to withdraw your consent for future use. To obtain information about your personal data, to correct or delete data or to clarify any other question regarding the use of personal data in our possession, please contact:
Quinta de Paços Sociedade Agrícola, Lda
Rua Dr. Teotónio da Fonseca, nº 171
4755-490 Rio Covo (Santa Eulália) - Barcelos
Phone: +351 253 897 109 (national landline call)
E-mail: geral@quintapacos.com

7. Acceptance of our Privacy Policy
By using our website you are implicitly agreeing to the use of your personal data, under the terms described above. As our website evolves and new technologies are adopted, it may be necessary to make changes to our Privacy and Data Protection Policy. Quinta de Paços reserves the right to modify its Privacy and Data Protection Policy at any time.

Barcelos, July 7, 2023