A distinctive element




In Quinta de Paços and Quinta da Cotovia they are of granite origin with a porphyroid texture (sandy soil) composed of the degradation of white and yellow granite with a great abundance of quartz, thus giving characteristics of great “minerality” to their wines.

The different terrains where the vineyards are located benefit from different types of slopes and exposure to sunlight. This guarantees optimal conditions for the production of wines with different characteristics.


In Casa do Capitão-mor (Quinta da Boavista) it's covered with rolled pebbles, clayey loam, with sedimentary origins in calc-alkaline granites. Their fundamental characteristic is that they function as thermal regulators, accumulating the heat of the day and radiating it during the night, thus allowing more balanced and earlier maturation.

This soil also marks the grapes produced there with its characteristics, giving its wines a high “minerality”, body and balance, which allow wines of high quality and longevity.